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The 1970's Decade

With Michael Matheos leaving the group in 1971 to pursue solo interests, the Trio Bel Canto needed to find a lead bouzouki player. After a short hiatus they discovered a young man by the name of Takis Elenis. Takis was a fireball of a bouzouki player whose precision in his playing of the instrument continued to make the Trio Bel Canto "the best" in Greek entertainment. Rehearsing eight hours a day and committing himself to his new team, Takis was the perfect addition to the Trio. His youthful appearance and his mastery of the bouzouki were excellent complements to the vocal harmonies of Evangelos and John. During the seventies the group went everywhere. Domestically, they played every major festival and event across the United States. Internationally, they traveled to the Caribbean (January 1975), Australia (February 1976), Panama (late 70's) and Canada, and in 1979 they went back to Greece to record their "Road of Return" album. Their popularity was at such a high here in the U.S., they even made a third Carnegie Hall appearance in the early part of the decade, and began making frequent appearances on the Maria Papadatos television show, a popular variety program that appealed to the Greeks in the greater New York area. The Trio was booked solid, often four and five times per week. In the midst of their live performances they continued to record albums and cassettes with their unique renditions of modern Greek music. They were, undisputedly, the #1 Greek band in the country, and one of the top Greek groups in the world. Beginning in 1966 and continuing to 1979 and beyond, they were in the middle of a thirteen-year popularity rise to fame which peaked in the seventies. (Click on a thumbnail to view the enlarged photo, then use the "Back" button of your browser to return to this gallery.)

1973 -- with Maria Papadatos on her television show1973 - Fall Dance Festival tickets, to benefit St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Anaheim, CA1973 - Trio Bel Canto with Harry James1973 -- Trio Bel Canto with Bill Cosby

Trio Bel Canto at the Starlite Hotel, New York, circa 1973Trio Bel Canto in the Caribbean, January 1975Trio Bel Canto at the Starlite Hotel, New York, circa 1970sEvangelos Metaxas at the Sunset Hotel, New York, circa 1970s

Trio Bel Canto with Dimitrios Lakas, president of Panama (circa 1977 or 1978)Trio Bel Canto with Dimitrios Lakas, president of Panama (circa 1977 or 1978)Trio Bel Canto with Dimitrios Lakas, president of Panama (circa 1977 or 1978)

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