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Having stood the test of time for over three generations, the Trio Bel Canto continues to delight audiences with their playing and singing at festivals, concerts, dances, weddings, baptisms, and any other event where Greek music has traditionallly been required. Billing themselves as "Trio Bel Canto: The Next Generation", the group currently consists of Evangelos Metaxas, original member and lead vocalist; Kyriakos Metaxas, guitar and second vocals; and Nick Mandoukos, lead bouzouki and third vocals. The performance of Greek music in the United States has changed over the years, with more bands coming on the scene and being available to play at various functions. (It should be noted that many of these groups that were formed at the time the Trio was in its prime used the Trio's repertoire to copy their formula for success.) Even Greece has many musical stars who are easily able to travel to this country to perform. Although the competition is fierce, the Trio Bel Canto has always managed to adapt to the changes and consistently remain as America's most popular and most sought-after Greek singing group of all time. As the last original member of the group, Evangelos Metaxas continues his legacy of entertaining the Greek public, and with his son by his side, it seems that the Fabulous Trio Bel Canto will continue that excellence in entertainment for a long time to come. (Click on a thumbnail to view the enlarged photo, then use the "Back" button of your browser to return to this gallery.)

2001 -- Trio Bel Canto:  The Next Generation (promotional photo)2001 -- Trio Bel Canto:  The Next Generation (promotional photo)2002 -- Trio Bel Canto:  The Next Generation (promotional photo)2002 -- Trio Bel Canto:  The Next Generation (promotional photo)

2002 -- promotional poster for the "Cruise With The Stars" cruise, which featured the Trio Bel Canto2002 -- Trio Bel Canto performing on the "Cruise With The Stars" cruise.2002 -- Trio Bel Canto and stars in the Grand Finale on the "Cruise With The Stars" cruise.2002 -- Evangelos Metaxas and the stars from the the "Cruise With The Stars" cruise.

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