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The 1990's Decade

In the decade of the '90s, the Trio Bel Canto primarily performed in local clubs of the greater New York City area, as well as playing the local Greek dinner-dances and festivals for which they were still very much in demand. Evangelos Metaxas managed to hold the group together and continued to seek more work. (In September of 1995 they went on a weeklong cruise to Bermuda.) In 1997, George Vlismas left the group to pursue other interests, and from that point, the Trio Bel Canto used a number of different players to fill the role of "bouzouki player" and "third vocals". In 1998, Evangelos Metaxas and John Papamakariou, along with Aggi Giannopoulos, went to Greece to attempt a "comeback" of the Trio Bel Canto. Their plan was to record an album and then promote it in the entertaiment industry there. Unfortunately, the music business in Greece has become "cut-throat", with many young stars fighting tooth and nail to become famous. In order to record an album, the Trio would need to shell out quite a bit of money, because no one was willing to back them up financially, thinking that their glory days were over. Discouraged, Evangelos returned back to the States, but this time without his partner. John Papamakariou decided to quit the group and remain in Greece; a lifelong partnership that lasted fifty years came abruptly to an end. Despite this minor setback, Evangelos was determined to continue the Trio Bel Canto. As a replacement for John, he brought his son, Kyriakos, into the group. "Chuck", an accomplished guitar player, learned his father's repertoire and quickly became the guitarist and second vocalist to the Trio. With regards to a bouzouki player, the Trio has used a few "guest artists" to perform with them, such as Aggi Giannopoulos, Avram Pengas, and Nick Mandoukos, to name a few. These musicians are dedicated to Evangelos and his group, and strive to achieve the level of excellence that he demands. (Click on a thumbnail to view the enlarged photo, then use the "Back" button of your browser to return to this gallery.)

1997 -- Trio Bel Canto at a Greek festival in Newport News, VA1997 -- Trio Bel Canto with a Cretan lyra player at a Greek festival in Newport News, VA1997 -- Trio Bel Canto at a Greek festival in Newport News, VA

8/12/1998 -- Trio Bel Canto on the set of "Syn-Plyn"
				  Greek TV show8/12/1998 -- Aggis Giannopoulos & Evangelos Metaxas on the set of "Syn-Plyn" Greek TV showEvangelos Metaxas, circa 1998/99

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